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          Why Choose Coburn?


          Coburn provides ophthalmic equipment, consumables and services for all phases of lens production.


          Superior service for all of our customers, on all of our equipment.

          Innovations in Lens Surfacing, Lens Finishing, Ophthalmic Technology by Coburn Technologies, Inc.

          FOR OVER 60 YEARS,

          Coburn Technologies, Inc. has been a leading, global manufacturer and distributor of computer-integrated ophthalmic lens processing systems and ophthalmic instruments. We design, manufacture and service software, equipment and supplies used in all aspects of surfacing prescriptions in lens blanks, coating and finishing lenses to fit into patient frames.

          We also provide a broad range of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment, autorefractors and retinal imaging equipment for a more complete solution for the eye care professional. And we proudly manufacture our own consumables and coatings from our headquarters in the USA. Contact us today for more info and pricing!

          Latest News & Products


          Coburn Introduces Christopher Lentocha as New Director of Service

          Chris brings over 17 years of industry experience to Coburn. Welcome, Chris!


          Coburn Announces New ProCoat Hard Lens Coating

          Bottle of ProCoat hard lens coating by Coburn Technologies, brown bottle with white and green label.

          ProCoat is Coburn’s most robust and feature-rich hard lens coating to-date. High adhesion, abrasion resistance, and tintability.


          Coburn Announces New Agility Autodeblocker

          Deblocks two lenses simultaneously without harmful, contaminated water. Combine with Duality and Velocity for complete lens processing automation.


          Coburn Announces New HPE-910 EXXPERT Express Lens Edger

          EXXPERT Express HPE-910 Lens Edger by Coburn Technologies, facing the right side with screen turned on.
          Our fastest edger to date edges a lens in only 80 seconds; 50% faster than previous models.


          Performing Refractions in a Socially Distant World

          Patient receiving a refraction exam with the HDR-9000 Digital Refractor by Huvitz and Coburn Technologies, Inc.

          Learn how resourceful eye doctors and a resourceful supplier came up with a solution: the digital refractor.


          Coburn Announces New Velocity LTE Lens Coater

          Velocity LTE Manual UV Spin Optical Lens Coater stand-alone machine for small to mid-sized labs.

          New Velocity LTE Semi-Automated UV Spin Lens Coater—same award-winning Velocity platform, in a smaller footprint.

          Request a Quote

          We help eyecare practices and lens labs of all sizes choose the best ophthalmic and lens processing equipment!

          We offer packaged quotes or “a la carte” pricing on lens surfacing, lens finishing, and/or ophthalmic equipment. Coburn’s pricing is competitive against high end brands in the lens and ophthalmic market. Talk to a rep today to get started!


          Diagnostics ? Refraction ? Finishing ? Coating ? Surfacing ? Service ? Consumables ? Supplies


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