Huvitz HRK-9000A Autorefractor/Keratometer

Huvitz Auto Ref/Keratometer HRK-9000A

All-in-one objective refraction and standardized subjective refraction.

Elevate patient experience and boost practice efficiency with the Huvitz HRK-9000A Autorefractor/Keratometer. Feature’s the world’s first Contact Lens Fitting Guide with color camera. Achieves measurements with higher accuracy for a more complete exam.

One of a kind, HRK-9000A offers a Meibomian Gland Analysis function and Tear Film Break Up Time (TFBUT) measurement. Other features include Wireless Communication, full compatibility with all EMR Systems and Full Three Year Warranty.


  • TFBUT Measurement & Meibography
  • Contrast Sensitivity & Glare Test
  • Wavefront Technology
  • Touch & Tilting 7″ Color Display, adjustable with LED backlight display
  • Wireless Communication and Network Connectivity
  • Peripheral Keratometry Measurement
  • IOL Mode
  • Iris & Pupil Diameter Measurement
  • Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide
  • Efficient Contact Lens Prescription
  • Micro Lens Array creates separated focal spots, providing details about ocular systems
  • More Accurate Data including KER and REF data
  • Subjective VA Test
  • Auto Tracking
  • Color View Mode: Full color CCD camera & white LED source in ref/keratometer enables you to see eyes & contact lens fitting status which was previously only possible with slit lamps
  • Auto Cutting Printer

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