Euro Kleenchill GENO Lens Polishing System

Euro Kleenchill GENO Lens Polish System

The Euro Kleenchill GENO lens polish system enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation for management of high production generator and edger waste. In response to market demand the range has been increased to meet the needs of lower production and lower budget operations. The current model is called the GENO ‘A’ and the new lower capacity variants are ‘B’ and ‘C’ which can be supplied with or without chiller. These new models mean that many medium to small lens labs can now economically enjoy the key benefits of the GENO waste management concept giving reliable re-circulation and supply of clean, filtered, chilled water/coolant with efficient waste separation.

Lens Polishing System Features

  • Re-circulates, filters and chills coolant water for generators and edgers
  • Easy, no mess, efficient waste separation for dry disposal
  • No interruption for filter emptying/cleaning