ProCoat Optical Lens Coating

? Spin Coater Compatible ??High Abrasion Resistance
? Excellent Adhesion ? Low Viscosity ??Tintable

Bottle of ProCoat optical lens coating by Coburn Technologies with green and white label on a brown bottle.

ProCoat is the “pro” in abrasion resistance, adhesion to substrates, tintability, clairty and stability. Meticulously developed, ProCoat performs on more lens materials and substrates than ever before, while remaining highly tintable. At an average of one bottle per machine per month, ProCoat has the longest life cycle of Coburn’s hard coatings.

Users can expect the same baseline coating standards that we use on UVMAX and DURA-UV. ProCoat is also optimized using HCLT (Hybrid Cross Linking Technology), ensuring the utmost adhesion, abrasion resistance, tintability, quick curing time and yields. ProCoat can be tinted to Grey 3 in just 15 minutes. And like our other coatings, ProCoat is VOC free and contains no volatile solvents, so it is safe to ship and handle.


  • Average yield rate of up to 98%
  • Highest adhesion for spin coating
  • Quick, consistent tinting to Grey 3 in 15 minutes
  • Excellent adhesion to CR-39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, Spectralite, 1.56, and Hi-Index
  • Optimized coating with HCLT (Hybrid Cross Linking Technology?) during lab production ensures the best coating adhesion, abrasion, yields and tintability
  • Adheres to all AR coatings
  • No volatile solvents for safe shipping and handling
  • Simple change-over from existing coating
  • Complete service including parts, technical support and prompt on-site repair

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