Cobalt NX Lens Generator

Cobalt NX Lens Generator by Coburn Technologies

Coburn’s Cobalt NX Lens Generator continues to push the limits to produce superior quality lenses in terms of form and finish. Building on the Cobalt heritage, the new generation Cobalt NX incorporates a number of enhancements including a linear motor and an integrated spindle to provide extra precision and more accurate lens geometry.

Lens Generator Features

  • Enhanced Lens Quality: The quality of the lenses produced with the Cobalt NX is far superior to that of previous generators. Cobalt NX is designed for processing for all indexes of lenses (1.498 to 1.74).
  • Auto-Calibration: Manual calibration is also available, but for those who want an automated machine, the Cobalt NX introduces automatic calibration for more efficient and faster processing.
  • On Board Engraving: Cobalt NX now brings engraving on to the machine, with capabilities to produce simple shapes and alphanumeric using the secondary axis. Now the need to purchase additional equipment is eliminated.
  • Interrupted Cut: Interrupted cut is now available on the x axis.
  • Cold Mist/Dry Cut: With on-board cold mist/dry cut, the need for expensive waste management is removed.